by Ian Bacher, Marciano Siniscalchi, and Richard Stein

Marciano's blog:

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our contributors:

  • Wallace Wu and Juerg Rast, who contributed code for multifile support in ref and cite completions, "new-style" ref/cite completion, and project file support.
  • skuroda (Preferences menu)
  • Sam Finn (initial multifile support for the build command)
  • Daniel Fleischhacker (Linux build fixes)
  • Mads Mobaek (universal newline support)
  • Stefan Ollinger (initial Linux support)
  • RoyalTS (aka Tobias Schidt?) (help with bibtex regexes and citation code, various fixes)
  • Juan Falgueras (latexmk option to handle non-ASCII paths)
  • Jeremy Jay (basic biblatex support)
  • Ray Fang (texttt snippet)
  • Ulrich Gabor (tex engine selection and cleaning aux files)
  • Wes Campaigne and 'jlegewie' (ref/cite completion 2.0!).
  • Huge thanks to Daniel Shannon (aka phyllisstein) who first ported LaTeXTools to ST3
  • Also thanks for Charley Peng, who has been assisting users and generating great pull requests; I'll merge them as soon as possible.
  • William Ledoux (various Windows fixes, env support)
  • Sean Zhu (find in non-standard locations)
  • Maximilian Berger (new center/table snippet)
  • Lucas Nanni (recursively delete temp files)
  • Sergey Slipchenko ($ auto-pairing with Vintage)
  • btstream (original fill-all command; LaTeX-cwl support)
  • Dan Schrage (nobibliography command)
  • PoByBolek (more biblatex command)
  • Rafael Lerm (support for multiple lines in \bibliography commands)
  • Jeff Spencer (override keep_focus and forward_sync via key-binding)
  • Jonas Malaco Filho (improvements to the Evince scripts)
  • Michael Bar-Sinai (bibtex snippets).

If you have contributed and I haven't acknowledged you, email me!